IT100 Plus Wireless Earbuds Review

IT100 Plus Wireless Earbuds Review

Explore audio excellence with our IT100 Plus Wireless Earbuds review. Immerse yourself in top-tier sound quality, ergonomic design, and advanced features. Discover why the IT100 Plus stands out in the realm of wireless audio. Elevate your listening experience today!

Embark on a sonic journey with our comprehensive review of the IT100 Plus Wireless Earbuds. In this in-depth exploration, we delve into the intricate features and functionalities that define the IT100 Plus, unraveling the true essence of these wireless earbuds.

From exceptional sound quality to ergonomic design, join us as we navigate through the immersive world of audio excellence that the IT100 Plus promises to deliver. Get ready to discover why these wireless earbuds have captured the attention of audio enthusiasts and how they stand out in the competitive landscape of premium audio devices.

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IT100 Plus Wireless Earbuds Review

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IT100 Plus Wireless Earbuds Review

Key Specs:

Model Name IT100plus
Color Black
Form Factor In-Ear
Connectivity Technology Wireless

IT100 Plus Wireless Earbuds Review: Lightweight and Comfortable Design

IT100 Plus Wireless Earbuds Review

Having personally experienced the IT100 Plus Wireless Earbuds, I am compelled to share the extraordinary fusion of lightweight design and unmatched comfort that defines this audio marvel. Weighing in at a mere 3.8g per earbud, the IT100 Plus seamlessly integrates into daily life without the burden of excessive weight. It’s not just about functionality; these earbuds redefine what comfort means in the realm of wireless audio.

The ergonomic design of the IT100 Plus is a game-changer. The three pairs of soft rubber ear caps, each in varying sizes (S/M/L), provide a customizable fit that caters to individual preferences. Whether I’m engaged in a rigorous workout, embarking on a run, or immersed in a lengthy audio session, the IT100 Plus remains securely in place without causing any discomfort.

What sets these earbuds apart is the thoughtful consideration given to their lightweight construction. At 3.8g, each earbud is a feather-light companion that doesn’t compromise on performance. The result is an auditory experience free from the distraction of cumbersome hardware, allowing me to focus on the immersive sound quality that the IT100 Plus delivers.

The comfort extends beyond the physical design; it’s an experience that transcends mere functionality. The IT100 Plus becomes an extension of my lifestyle, providing a secure and snug fit that doesn’t compromise on style. Whether I’m navigating through a busy day or winding down with my favorite tunes, these earbuds make a statement in both form and function.

IT100 Plus Wireless Earbuds Review: Smart Touch Control

IT100 Plus Wireless Earbuds Review

My journey with the IT100 Plus Wireless Earbuds has been nothing short of revolutionary, particularly when it comes to the seamless and intuitive smart touch control feature. Having these earbuds as my constant companions, the touch controls have effortlessly become an extension of my musical experience, adding a layer of convenience that enhances overall user satisfaction.

The one-step pairing process, driven by a hall switch, ensures a connection that is not just swift but also remarkably hassle-free. After the initial connection, the IT100 Plus earbuds synchronize effortlessly with my device the moment I open the charging case. This efficiency, born out of smart technology, speaks volumes about the user-centric design that TSKIS has incorporated into these earbuds.

What truly sets the IT100 Plus apart is the ease with which I can manage audio playback and answer calls. With just a single click, the intuitive touch controls respond promptly, eliminating the need for constant adjustments through my mobile phone. Whether I’m engrossed in a playlist, switching tracks, or seamlessly transitioning between music and calls, the touch controls adapt to my pace seamlessly.

The convenience of these touch controls extends beyond mere functionality; it becomes a part of my daily routine. There’s a level of satisfaction in the simplicity of managing calls or adjusting volume with just a tap, all without disrupting the flow of my activities. It’s this user-friendly approach that distinguishes the IT100 Plus as more than just a pair of earbuds – it’s a personalized audio experience.

IT100 Plus Wireless Earbuds Review: Ejoy Clear Calls

IT100 Plus Wireless Earbuds Review

My exploration of the IT100 Plus Wireless Earbuds has uncovered a remarkable facet that distinguishes them – the ability to enjoy crystal-clear calls that transcend the ordinary. The built-in 4-mic advanced call noise reduction technology has revolutionized my communication experience, providing not just clarity but a sense of connection that resonates even in bustling environments.

What stands out immediately is the accuracy of voice pickup facilitated by the sophisticated mic array. Even in noisy surroundings, the IT100 Plus excels in isolating my voice from ambient sounds, ensuring that my conversations are heard with precision. This technology has proven invaluable in scenarios where clarity is paramount, transforming every call into a seamless and immersive interaction.

The effective noise isolation feature contributes significantly to the IT100 Plus’ prowess in call quality. Whether I find myself in a crowded street, bustling café, or amidst the hum of daily life, the earbuds excel in creating a cocoon of clarity. It’s not just about hearing the other person; it’s about feeling connected and understood, a testament to the thoughtful engineering behind these earbuds.

The technology’s impact on call quality extends beyond mechanical accuracy. There’s an intangible quality to the calls – a clarity that goes beyond words and resonates with the emotional depth of the conversation. It transforms routine calls into meaningful exchanges, irrespective of the external environment.

In essence, the IT100 Plus Wireless Earbuds have elevated my expectations of call quality. They have become more than just audio devices; they are reliable communication companions that consistently deliver on the promise of crystal-clear calls. Stay tuned for a deeper dive into the multifaceted features that make the IT100 Plus a true standout in the wireless earbud arena.

IT100 Plus Wireless Earbuds Review: Hi-Fi Stereo Sound

IT100 Plus Wireless Earbuds review

My journey into the audio realm with the IT100 Plus Wireless Earbuds has been a symphony of delight, largely owing to the immersive Hi-Fi stereo sound that these earbuds deliver. Having experienced the audio prowess firsthand, I can confidently attest that the IT100 Plus stands as a paragon of exceptional sound quality, redefining my perception of what wireless earbuds can achieve.

The 13mm speakers and triple-layer composite diaphragms embedded in the IT100 Plus create an auditory experience that transcends the ordinary. Crystal clear highs and rich, full bass characterize the sound signature, making every note resonate with a truly impressive depth. The earbuds transport me into a realm where every track feels like a live performance, showcasing the meticulous engineering dedicated to achieving sonic excellence.

One of the standout features is the flexibility to switch between mono and twin stereo modes. This adaptability not only caters to individual preferences but also allows me to share the immersive audio experience with friends and family. It transforms listening sessions into communal moments, a unique feature that sets the IT100 Plus apart.

Whether I’m delving into the intricate details of instrumental compositions or immersing myself in the beats of my favorite tracks, the IT100 Plus consistently delivers an auditory journey that transcends expectations. The clarity and richness of the sound make every listening session a memorable escapade into a world of musical nuance.

IT100 Plus Wireless Earbuds Review: Pros & Cons


  • Exceptional Sound Quality: Hi-Fi stereo sound with 13mm speakers for a rich and immersive audio experience.
  • Intelligent Touch Controls: Smart touch control feature for effortless audio playback and call management.
  • Crystal-Clear Calls: Built-in 4-mic advanced call noise reduction technology ensures clear and precise communication.
  • Lightweight and Comfortable: Weighing only 3.8g per earbud, ergonomic design for comfortable, all-day wear.


  • Limited Color Options: Choices for personalization are restricted due to a somewhat limited range of color options.


In drawing the final curtain on the IT100 Plus Wireless Earbuds journey, the harmony of technology and user-centric design resounds triumphantly. These earbuds have not only redefined my audio experience but have seamlessly integrated into my daily routine, offering a symphony of exceptional sound quality, intuitive controls, and enduring comfort. Despite minor considerations, the IT100 Plus stands as a testament to TSKIS’ commitment to elevating wireless audio. As I bid adieu to this exploration, the IT100 Plus emerges not just as earbuds but as indispensable companions, and I wholeheartedly recommend them to those seeking a transformative and immersive auditory adventure.


Why is one of my earbuds not working?

A non-functional earbud could be due to issues like low battery, poor connectivity, or earwax accumulation. Ensure both earbuds are charged, check for debris in the ear tips, and try re-pairing them. If the problem persists, refer to the product manual or contact customer support for assistance.

Which company makes the best wireless earbuds?

Several companies excel in crafting top-tier wireless earbuds. Apple, Sony, Samsung, Jabra, and Bose are renowned for their innovation, sound quality, and user satisfaction, making them frontrunners in the market.

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